PPush – Your personal notification app for local news

Get Push messages from your regional “channels”
such as your favorite cafes, discos, shops and many more …

Discover local Channels


Inbox instead of full "Newsfeed"

Full control of notifications

100% Anonymous Following

Your Own Channel

Images, Emoticons und Links

That’s PPush

Regional information that really matters to you

With Push you can now receive news via push notification from small regional shops, restaurants, clubs, clubs that do not have their own APP. MORE in FAQ

PPush stops SPAM!

The more frequently you pass your personal data such as e-mail address or cell phone number, the more SPAM (unintended messages) you get. Therefore, the channels you follow with PPush do not receive any personal data from you! MORE in FAQ

Simple and intuitive

PPush is very easy to use, both to receive and to send push messages. “Everyone who uses Whatsapp® can also use PPush!” This guiding principle was set at the beginning of the development.

No algorithm - 100% anonymous

With PPush only YOU decide (and not a third party or unclear algorithm) about which messages you get and which not. In addition, you can follow a PPush-channel completely anonymously and without handing your e-mail address or mobile number to the channel-owner. MORE